10,000 Steps of a Sandhill Crane – Fractal Kitty

Sandhill crane footprints arranged over a dune in a spiral

This is my first year participating in Genuary. There are code prompts for each day of the month of January. I don’t know if I will be able to post every day, but hope to learn from each of the prompts and will share pieces as I complete them.

This first piece plays with the footprint of a sandhill crane. I heard the echoes of their gurgling call, saw their prints in the dunes of Colorado in my mind, and contemplated the sand patterns and their flowing curvature. The code is here.

Note: I completed this one on New Years Eve (It is January 1st somewhere as I write this).

I painted dunes to warm up in my sketchbook and then I contemplated how to draw 10,000 of something. Algorithmically I thought of intersections. One-hundred lines intersecting with one-hundred lines will create 10,000 intersections. I started this doodle and then it evolved into more than 200 lines, yet still 10,000 intersections. I like the mesh terrain that forms.