Silent Duels—Constructing the Solution part 2 – Math ∩ Programming

Previous posts in this series: Silent Duels and an Old Paper of RestrepoSilent Duels—Parsing the ConstructionSilent Duels—Constructing the Solution part ...
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10,000 Steps of a Sandhill Crane – Fractal Kitty

This is my first year participating in Genuary. There are code prompts for each day of the month of January. ...
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Sum of Infinite Geometric Sequence

Hey math friends and happy Wednesday! Today we are going to take a look at how to find the sum ...
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A Year of Haiku – Fractal Kitty

In 2021 I published a set of haiku every 19 days. I found myself grow as a poet and a ...
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Legs of a Right Triangle (when an altitude is drawn)

Greetings math peeps and welcome to another week of MathSux! In todays post we are going to explore how to ...
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An Example of Teaching THROUGH problem solving? – Thinking Mathematically

Many math resources attempt to share the difference between teaching FOR problem solving and teaching THROUGH problem solving. Cathy Seeley ...
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Catenary Kitties – Fractal Kitty

I am really enjoying Genuary 2022. For the architecture prompt, I created these catenary kitties. The kitties are drawn in ...
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NYS Regents Review – Algebra June 2021

NYS Regents
Greetings math friends! Today we are going to break down the NYS Regents, specifically the Algebra NYS Common Core Regents ...
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One-Hole Punch Puzzle Templates – Thinking Mathematically

Recently Lowrie et al. published an article in the Journal of Experimental Education where they looked at the effects of ...
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String Art Presentation – Fractal Kitty

I put these slides together for the Seattle Math Jam 1/18/2021 and thought I’d share them here. I have investigated ...
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