3 Reasons Why CEO’s Deserve Executive Protection

Seven years ago, former U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ life changed forever. On January 8, 2011 a deranged gunman shot Mrs. Giffords in the head at an event at a grocery store in Tucson, Arizona. On June 14, 2017, less than a year ago, Congress man Steve Scalise and members of the Republican congressional baseball team were shot by a crazed gunman on the field during a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia. Their lives were never the same either.

High-profile individuals like politicians, celebrities, athletes, musicians, CEO’s, and executives are living their lives, doing their jobs, helping their communities, but sadly are at increased risk of injury and death at the hands of some unstable individuals who become fixated with them and may act irrationally and violently.

How can people ever feel safe whose jobs make them targets for violence or put them at risk of being taken hostage? There’s no easy answer to that question. In fact, no one can feel 100% safe every minute of the day and night. Many celebrities and VIPs hire executive protection to help reduce the risk of being harmed. Security guard service companies provide professional executive protection services to protect high-profile individuals and their families. Here are three reasons why your company’s CEO and top-level executives need personal protection:

Hiring Executive Protection is Cost Effective

Some executives need convincing that they need executive protection. With cyber crime being uppermost in some executives’ minds, they may neglect to think about their own personal safety. They may feel it’s too costly to their company to hire personal protection. Or they think security for special events that’s already in place will provide enough protection for them. But executives and CEO’s are valuable assets to their companies harboring a wealth of information acquired from years of experience in upper management. Executives aren’t going to do a great job if they’re worried about getting hurt or concerned members of their family are at risk of harm. Let’s face it. There’s no price tag on human life.

CEO’s and High-profile Executives are Vulnerable to Violent Attacks

People in the public eye are vulnerable. Celebrities and VIPs are often on stage at special events, walking through crowds, traveling, or conducting their everyday lives with the paparazzi in tow. The public knows who celebrities and high-profile individuals are and where they may be speaking, performing, or working. Unfortunately, it’s the nature of their business. Enlisting executive protection could help keep executives and their families safe.

Some Unstable Individuals are Like Ticking Time bombs

Many factors could upset an already unstable person. For example, labour disputes and strikes could cause some people financial hardship or be perceived as the fault of the CEO or other top-management executives. A disgruntled employee may be looking for revenge. A person who disagrees with a politician’s agenda may blame the politician for problems in the country. Whatever reason causes a person to behave erratically and violently is important, but the bigger issue is how to keep the VIP safe. Prevention is a good place to start. Hiring executive protection and adding extra security for special events from event security services could save an executive’s life.

Violence in American society has become an everyday occurrence. People like Mrs. Giffords and Congressman Scalise live with the aftermath of being brutally attacked. Hiring executive protection is no guarantee that someone won’t get hurt, but protection and peace of mind are priceless.