70/30 Custody and Visitation Schedules

70/30 physical custody schedule is a schedule often chosen by parents or the court. With a 70/30 schedule, your child will spend 70% of their time with one parent and 30% of their time with another. This schedule allows for your child to spend the majority of time with one parent but still be a significant part of the other parents life.

Below are two existing time schedules for you to consider if 70/30 custody works best for your situation:

Every Third Week

This schedule works by having your child live for two weeks at one parents home and then one week at the second parents home. A great benefit of this schedule is your child still spends time living with each parent for longer time periods.

You need to consider a few issues before choosing this schedule. The first is the age of your child. If your child is in school, both parents need to live in close proximity to it. They each need to be able to transport the child back and forth from their activities.

The second issue you need to consider is your relationship with the other parent. Can you communicate what happened with the child at your home while they were there? Can you let the other parent know what events the child has coming up soon? You won’t have to see much of each other but it is important that you can both communicate without problems.

The final issue to consider is your child’s personality. Many children really like spending more time at each parents home helping them to feel like they have a home base. However, some children struggle being gone from one parent for so long. A way to help this anxiety is to let the child call the other parent whenever they want to or go over for dinner at the home of the other parent once a week.

Every Weekend

The every weekend schedule basically has the children living with one parent during the week and the other parent over the weekend (two nights).

This schedule can be harder because only one parent has the weekends. Sometime the parent who has the child during the week, often feels like they do all the hard work while the other parent gets to play. However, this schedule is great if it works for all parties involved especially if one parent works on the weekends or travels frequently.

The 70/30 physical custody schedule is a great option and there are other choices out there of time schedules. The important thing for you is to research all your options so you can make the best choice for your child.