A Decisive Look at Data Storage and Security

Data storage and data security are two issues which are closely related. These two issues cause a big headache for all involved in handling data and taking care of data. This is irrespective of whether it is an individual level or it is a business or organization taking care of its data. Data is almost entirely found in an electronic form today and even though this has simplified the handling of data, it has also to an extent opened up challenges in the form of security for such data. It becomes even a bigger challenge for companies and organization which must handle sensitive data belonging to their clients and the data that is core to the running of the businesses or organization. Data at all levels should be secured to ensure that the data does not end up being compromised and falling into the wrong hands.

The vulnerabilities presenting when it comes to data are numerous if the necessary precautions are not taken. Data which is in transit is highly vulnerable, data within a network and even the data held within servers should all be the focus of pinpointed and effective security measures to avoid a scenario where the risks come to happen or are exploited and cause all manner of problems. These risks and vulnerabilities need to be addressed comprehensively to make sure that data storage is entirely secure. All forms of data and at all different levels should be secured and especially the data stored.

Compromises in data security will unfortunately go unreported as many companies and organizations would prefer to mask such incidences. The data loss and data security incidences will be masked to avoid causing alarm and scaring away clients whose data is in the custody of the specific company. Not only do they fear losing their clients, but investors too will have jitters in the ability of the organization to protect their secrets and to foster future growth. Further regulatory bodies upon receiving information of a data security breach will demand investigation and stern action in the event of proper measures in data security were not followed. Fear of the listed repercussions means that many companies and organizations will not report breaches in data security preferring to deal with the situation in house.

The rise of the hacktivists and other security threats has seen data get targeted more and more. Sophisticated malware is getting developed and deployed at probably the highest levels where data carries perhaps the most vital importance. Espionage has been rise and the attack of states and the classified as well as high level security data belonging to state installations and the government owned data has been a great source of concern. Data is getting targeted in a very big way calling for sophisticated policies and security measures to protect the data.

In the past year, another facet in data security was brought to the fore. Employees posed the internal threat to data security. Organizations were breached owing to the fact that employees were the vulnerability. The problems seen with data security and their relation to employees were either intentional or unintentional. Intentional and malicious damage to data is done by disgruntled employees who intend to punish their bosses and employers for whatever reasons that have soured their relationship at work. Still intentional data compromises can happen when an employee intends to make some money on the side by allowing a third party to access company data. Unintentional damage is seen when mistakes are done and this happens inadvertently. They are plain honest mistakes and which are taken care of through policies which will govern how data is accessed and utilized. Access levels also keep data safe with permissions given to various categories of people according to the tasks they must complete.

Encryption has been the way to go when working with data. The strategy has been working well even though it can be expensive. Encryption also becomes intrusive to the way a business works. Overall, the right balance in finding data security should be sought and is a culmination of a number of measures and steps. This way, security managers must work with all people handling the data to ensure that its integrity is preserved.