Avira Premium Security Suite: The Most Effective Program Against Malware

Avira Premium Security Suite 8.2 is one of the best antivirus packages in the market that money can buy. It has shown continuing strong performances in regular tests conducted by the independent German antivirus lab AV – Test.Org and has always been in the top 5.

The most powerful feature of Avira Premium Security Suite 8.2 is its ability to detect malware, viruses and other threats where other antivirus programs have been known to fail. Recent tests show that the Avira Premium Security Suite 8.2 was faced against 654,914 Trojan horses, viruses, password stealers and various other malware and was able to detect an impressive 99.2% of the threats which was the top score in that section. It also showed an efficiency rate of 55.3 % against unknown malware which was again the top score of the day.

The Avira Premium Security Suite also offers wonderful anti spam and backup solutions. The anti-spam feature is used to protect your mails in Outlook. It is also the only good antivirus program that does not install a toolbar in Explorer or Outlook. Various locations can be chosen for back up and the back up data can be stored in internal hardware/ external hard drive/ USB or any other external storage media. You can also configure the program for creating daily/weekly or monthly backups.

While the Avira Premium Security Suite excels at the above mentioned tasks it also gives you a delay in booting time, the copying time for files from internal storage device to external storage device and vice versa and has a clumsy looking user interface. However, if you actually want to use the best malware detection and protection software in the market, you might easily compromise on a little slowdown in system speed.