Capricorn, Saturn and the Ice King

Planets in Capricorn:

This applies especially to men with their Sun, Moon, and/or Venus in Capricorn.

Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th house of Career. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn.

As an earth sign, Capricorn’s main concerns in a relationship are stability, security, and commitment. Casual, short-term flings just won’t do. As such, he looks for relationships in which he sees long-term potential. Capricorns hate waste- wasting money, wasting resources, and, most importantly, wasting time. Indeed, Cappy men will ensure you are a solid bet before entering a relationship, and this can take a while. Think of dating a Cappy like auditioning for a role in a play; he will “test” you in various ways to see if you two are suitable for one another by observing you, asking you questions, and seeing how you relate to him. Cappy men are patient and determined in everything they do, even when it comes to love. If he doesn’t think you two are the right match, he will have no problem exiting the relationship. Women who “play the field” are not attractive to these men at all; they threaten Cappy’s sense of security.

Capricorn is not usually fond of soppy emotional displays or public displays of affection. In fact, they appreciate discretion and respect those who respect their privacy. Cappy men also have a huge fear of rejection, as well as a fear of getting hurt. As such, they guard their hearts under a veil of coldness and aloofness. They may be shy to approach women, and have an even harder time expressing their feelings unless they are 100% sure the other person feels the same way. When a Cappy man finds that things are actually going well in his relationship, Saturnian pessimism and the fear of getting hurt may enter his mind. As a result, he might distance himself, leaving you wondering what went wrong.

Capricorn men are attracted to poised, reserved, classy women. He is especially attracted to “corporate” types; women who are ambitious, successful, and hard-working. Capricorn men are generally traditional, so what his family thinks of you is very important. You see, Capricorns are very concerned with how they “appear” to others, so he will choose a woman who makes him “look good,” or is socially acceptable.

If you want to land a Capricorn man, the first thing to remember is to be patient; he needs to trust you before he enters a relationship with you and this can take time. Coming on too aggressively will push him away; Capricorns dislike pressure. Show him your serious, ambitious side. Dress conservatively; Cappy men dislike women who dress too provocatively, as he feels she will make him “look bad”. Show him you are a responsible, hard-working individual who thinks long-term.

Strong Saturn Placements

Strong Saturn placements include Saturn in hard aspect (conjunction, square, opposition) to the Sun, Moon, Venus or Ascendant/Descendant axis. This also applies to Saturn in the 7th and 5th houses.

Individuals with strong Saturn placements in their natal charts share a fear of rejection and vulnerability, much like Capricorn individuals. People with these placements often see relationships as “work”, and are therefore very careful when deciding whether or not to partner up with someone. Fear keeps them from fully enjoying the joys of partnerships, as they have an intense fear of expressing their feelings, as this puts them at risk of getting hurt. Saturnian folk often lack confidence, and thus feel they are not worthy of love. Their love philosophy is clouded with negativity and skepticism, which prevents them from finding happiness in love. Saturnian individuals have their defenses up at all times, and have a very difficult time letting people “in”. People with prominent Saturn may appear cold and unfeeling to others, but this is simply a reflection of their inner loneliness and their lack of self-love.

So, what is a girl to do if a guy has heavy Saturn placements in his chart? How can she get him to open up? The first thing to do is to be PATIENT. He’ll take a while to open up, so hang in there! To quell his fear of rejection, try telling him your feelings first; if he knows how you feel first, he’ll have an easier time expressing himself to you. Give him affection and stroke his ego; people with strong Saturn in their charts need love and affection just like everyone else, but are too shy to make the first move. Giving him compliments and appreciation will help build up his self-confidence.