Cyber Crime – How You Are Involved?

Apart from altering the way the system runs, cyber attacks /attackers may tend to steal valuable information, such as credit card numbers and some other information of value to the owner of the infected device.

Cyber attack does not just happen it is deliberate, if you are using the internet with your PC mobile devices you are very much at risk. But how can you protect yourself from this ever growing menace?

We are going to discuss that, but it is vital to note that the country Nigeria is among the top ten countries at the highest risk of cyber attack.

You do not have to be a cyber crime expert to protect yourself and devices, nonetheless even as a novice you can do a lot to protect yourself.


1. Avoid A Second Hand Device

In Nigeria, the market is swarming with second hand laptops, desktops and mobile devices, off course these devices are cheap and affordable compared to the brand new devices, moreover in some areas buyers believe that most second hand devices are more durable than brand new devices.

Although the above, however true it may be, all who purchase second handed devices put themselves in the crossfire of cyber crimes or cyber attacks. How so?

This is so because some of these devices might have been infected by a malware. Buying a second hand device is like adopting a child, not just adopting a child, but adopting a teenager, who might have acquired a lot of bad habits and traits.

Moreover some second hand devices which are sold cheap might have been previously used to commit crimes, such as kidnapping, imagine you bought a device associated with such crime, this will put you in the crossfire of the police investigation.

Perhaps you may see yourself getting arrested for a crime which you did not commit.

2. Be Mindful Of What You Download And Install

Have you ever tried to install an app? And your device warned you that it is not from a trusted source?

Or perhaps tried to download a video, music, or PDF, and what you end up downloading is an app?

In a lay man’s explanation such downloads are somehow not safe for you and your device, in this case instead of overriding you device firewall (security) by ignoring its warning, it is advised you heed that warning.

3. Use Safe Websites

But how do you know if a website is safe or not?

Websites are like houses, some are fenced, some are not, some has CCTV cameras, some do not.

Will you not prefer a fenced house to one which is not?

If that is the case, the internet is very volatile in terms of security, one need to be sure they are protected.

Safe websites has SSL (secured socket layer) c certificate which is usually indicated by a padlock symbol at the address bar.

Some websites also employ CAPTCHA, at especially sensitive areas such as login page, take your time to solve these CAPTCHA and do not grow impatient.

4. Use Anti-Virus

Get good anti-virus software and maintain a regular scan of your system.

An anti-virus is just like analgesics used against headache, but sometimes when the symptom persists you may need to see a doctor, this gives rise to the fifth point.

5. Visit A Good Technician

Have your device checked occasionally by an experienced technician, the technician should not just be experienced but also trusted. This is because some technicians can also manually plant malware in your system.

If your system is Hanging or not responding, some apps are misbehaving then know that you may be at risk. You may need a deep scan from an anti-virus or visit a technician.

6. Be Social Network Smart

A friend once said: ” ‘maturity’ is when you stop posting or sharing all the events that happen in your life in the social network”.

Some person share more than they keep, some individuals use their date of birth, nicknames, as password and pin, yet this same information is publicly displayed in their social network wall or page.

Cyber criminals are smart, the key is this, upload less, say less, know more, use password that has both uppercase, lower case, and symbols as this will be difficult for both man and computer to predict (example instead of berry1111, you may use bERry!/”@).

7. Stay Updated

Whenever your system or software in your system need an update always updates it, this is because system and software developers might have spotted a serious security flaw in the previous version, which is why there will be need for an immediate update.

Hence if you refuse or remain adamant towards making the update, you may be susceptible to such security flaws, even this article will continuously be updated.