Factors Affecting Marriage and Divorce

Divorce evolved ever since its introduction to the United States law. We cannot say that citizens are abusing their rights but we cannot also deny that divorce rates are high. Many speculations about reasons for divorce were made in the attempt to minimize its rates. However, researchers can only tell the most common reasons, but how to solve marital issues effectively cannot be generalized and established.

One explanation why divorce happens is about reciprocally, in which marriage is highly linked to exchange of human behavior. When a partner lacks good things done by the other, the normal expected response would be for the aggravated party to do the same.

Some couples tend to have unrealistic expectations from each other. This occurs to both happily and unhappily married couples, but how to deal with it depends on the health of coping and defense mechanisms of both parties involved.

Reality dictates that any relationship has major problems and it is always part of the deal when you engage in any relationship. According to statistics, 69% of happy couples have major problems that remain unsolved but their relationship management include proper communication and negotiation.

A lot of findings point out that marriage does not fail because of lack of sexual activities but rather on deprived support and intimacy. Support is basically an emotional reassurance toward your partner. Any problem that happens, support is shown by helping out each other by all means. Intimacy is the establishment of a meaningful relationship. These factors need to be present in any relationship to succeed.