Get weekly emails about new Arithmetic books

In the present day I’m saying a pet undertaking of mine that I believe might curiosity a few of my readers. Any new books? is a free notification service which lets you subscribe to a collection of topics that curiosity you and obtain weekly emails about new e book releases in these classes.

These books are hand-selected, to filter out apparent duds, and embody solely books that look like promising/fascinating. Naturally I’ve included math among the many 42 out there classes.

And earlier than you ask, I’ll clear this up from the get-go. 🙂 This differs from Amazon’s newsletters, as a result of it’s much more systematic. With this service you might be within the loop on the subject of topics you actually care about. I imagine Amazon’s occasional newsletters are extra focused to what you’ve just lately bought/seen (helpful, however not the identical kind of service).

I believe it is a helpful service, which by the best way is totally free to make use of. Strive it out.

PS: I made the identical announcement on my programming weblog. So when you comply with each, you’ll have deja vu. 😉