How to Gauge the Health of Your Website Before Disaster Strikes

Today’s message is a friendly reminder that the Internet is one of the most dynamic places in the world. Yes, we may realize millions of people make legitimate searches on it every second of every day, but it’s easy to forget unscrupulous individuals and their malware are right beside them in significant numbers, too.

Keeping your website healthy and secure are the most essential maintenance and marketing issues in 2019, and a little preventive maintenance is worth a pound of cure.

Clients who come to me with a broken website, or a site that has poor performance, are often surprised to learn that…

  • their website has been hacked or compromised in some way
  • a lack of web server maintenance exposes security vulnerabilities
  • web server updates often break site plugins creating an increase in security vulnerabilities and performance issues
  • web server firewall setup and updates have been neglected, meaning your website is now exposed to vulnerabilities and direct attacks
  • improper installation and configuration of the web server have made the site vulnerable to malware and direct attacks.

There are a variety of professional tools web developers use to measure the specific health of your website. For website owners, one of the more popular tools for a quick overview is provided by HubSpot. Their Website Grader provides useful insight as to where improvements can be made concerning your website’s health in general.

While you are checking your website for security vulnerabilities and performance issues, take a few extra minutes and put your marketing hat on to ask yourself this question: What is my website’s search ranking? Besides being essential for obvious reasons, you may not realize that your website’s search ranking is partly formulated by certain factors that are directly related to its overall health-so they are inextricably intertwined. To review one without the other can quickly lead to a misdiagnosis of your website’s overall health.

Search ranking is the best indicator of your site’s visibility on given search terms and phrases that match your products and services. It’s not difficult to learn if you have the right tool, and this tool is a free service we offer to all website owners whether you’re a customer or not.

For sure, your website’s search ranking is a very complex and dynamic process. Since Google has at least 80% of the search market in North America, we are most concerned with the Google ranking number, which is based on over 200 factors! It’s the best way to know the probability that your website will be visible to any number of related searches. And since your website ranking is dynamically factored, your ranking at a given moment is a snapshot according to present conditions. A high search ranking is the Holy Grail of search engine optimization (SEO).

If your search rank is not where you want to be according to your SEO Score Card, no worries. Even if you are graded low for given keywords (<70), my SEO experts can help improve your ranking month-by-month.

As previously mentioned, some of the more weighted SEO factors are related to your website’s performance, responsiveness, and security. Here’s how it’s related.

For example, an experienced web developer can analyze and mitigate any performance and security issues related to,

  • Un-optimized programming
  • Un-optimized page responsiveness (viewability on mobile devices)
  • SPAM hacks
  • Slow host server
  • Host server too far away (slow page loads)
  • Improperly sized image files
  • Too many unnecessary plugins
  • Outdated plugins
  • Unnecessary redirects
  • Outdated CMS
  • … and, we’re just getting started!

If any of the mentioned reports or information provide you with motivation to improve your website ranking (SEO), performance, and/or security, please contact me for a no-obligation consultation. I’m here to help you take advantage of business opportunities by utilizing the best and most affordable website design techniques along with expert-level services in Kansas City and beyond!