How To Remove The "Hard Drive Diagnostic" Infection From Your PC

The Hard Drive Diagnostic virus is a troublesome infection that comes from various sources. It can find its way into the PC through an unsecured Internet connection, a fake email, a rogue website or dubious downloads. The user may be unaware of the infiltration happening in the computer. This is partly because the antivirus scanners cannot detect the virus since it works by installing a piece of software that causes the damage. This software then produces scans and results that look exactly like those from legitimate programs, except that the results are surprisingly alarming. The virus, then, takes advantage of the state of alarm and prods the user to get the full upgrade of its “program” to get rid of the numerous problems in the PC. Some fall for the scam and end up tricked by the hackers who created the virus.

The Hard Drive Diagnostic virus is one form of the “malware” or malicious software that continues to infect computers. They cause lots of damages and hassle to many users. When they find a way into the computer, they store hidden files in the system to serve as backup in case an anti malware program spots the virus and removes it. After installing its self and running the program, a fake scan will occur along with a fake result. This so called program was built to deceive the user and get important information from the PC in the meantime. They target credit card numbers, passwords and account numbers. Even if the user refuses to buy the full upgrade which is fake also, the hackers will have gotten valuable data already. If the user attempts to remove the infection, the Task Manager and Windows programs will be blocked. Other vital features will also be prevented from trying to remove the virus. And so, the right way to deal with this infection is to follow the proper removal process.

The manual way of doing it is a two step process. The aim is to stop the virus from running and loading, then remove it along with the infections. If you are not as adept in fixing the PC on your own, this can prove quite difficult. Since the Task Manager has been blocked, you have to stop the virus processes using a “Safe Mode” program or the “rkill” program. Once these have been terminated, only then can you go and remove the programs that the virus runs in.

The most efficient way to fix the computer and remove the virus is by deleting all the programs and files it has infected, then removing its backup as well. To remove the infection, we’ve found that a program called Frontline Rogue Remover – which is a powerful anti malware program that effectively locates and identifies infections in the computer. It will delete and cure all infections that it has found in the scans. As for the backup, a registry tool cleaner will do that. It will run a scan and remove the hidden files in the registry database.