How to Test a Man’s Commitment? These 7 Things Will Tell You a Lot About His Level of Commitment

You are going out with a guy you feel is totally devoted to you. However, your past experience with men has not been so good and you want to make sure that this guy, whom you love so much, does not break your heart. Well, you are within your rights to test his commitment and here is how you can do this.

His honesty is unquestionable

Get a background check done on him and ask him about his past relationships and why they didn’t work out. If he comes clean on all of them and does not hide anything from you then he is definitely committed to you. His honesty is proof of his commitment.

Loves to be responsible for you

Ask him to take you on some adventure and notice his reaction to your suggestions. If he tells you that it is dangerous or tries to dissuade you from taking unnecessary risks then he is surely committed to you. He does not want any harm to come your way.

Takes your likes and dislikes seriously

He knows your likes and dislikes. However, to test him alter your preferences and see if he remembers them. If he does then he is surely committed to you.

Absolute devotion

Ask one of your best friends to hit on him in your absence. Make sure that your guy does not know this girl. If he comes out with flying colors you have your answer. A guy that is not committed mentally to you will get carried away.

Dignified and upright

You can also test him by being a little loose after a couple of drinks on the weekend. If he does not take advantage of your vulnerability and instead drops you home safe and sound then he is definitely committed to you.

Test his plans

When discussing general things ask him about his medium term plans. If his plans include you and the conversation suddenly turns to “We” “Us” instead of “Me” and “I” then you know that he has factored you in his future plans.

Ready to wait for you

Tell your guy that you don’t intend to settle down anytime soon and see his reaction. If he does show signs of being hurt but still respects your decision and offers to wait it out you know that he is in the relationship for keeps. Don’t think too much and commit yourself to him without batting an eyelid. You have found the right guy.