Important Things That You Should Know About Executive Protection

Employees are considered to be the most valuable asset by companies. There are different types of threats they experience, on a regular basis. The nature of these threats depends on several factors such as the company size, the type of industry they are into and the profile of the executive.

Threatening emails and letters are some of the ways they are threatened. Though most of the companies have stringent and proper safety provisions and laws but very few of them implement them in true sense to provide desired security to them. There is a need of solid executive protection that not only safeguards employees but also pays the company in the long run.

Who is an executive protection professional?

A trained executive protection professional aims at providing specialist protection service to safeguard the life of an executive. They are basically bodyguards who protect high profile individuals located within the country or abroad from life-threatening emergencies. These individuals are categorized as politicians, business and corporate executives, political officers and the royalty.

These protection professionals keep watch over their clients and supervise surroundings and every single activity that happens near them. The interesting part of these professionals is that they dress in a low profile look to prevent people identifying them.

Security agencies offering executive level protection performs a variety of tasks such as risk assessment, tiring legwork, cost-benefit analysis etc. for the security of company professionals.

Duties of a CSO

Personal protection teams perform a series of tasks to offer the best level protection to the executives. They have to undergo an extensive training to face every situation in a courageous and intelligent way.

Their training involves learning the right ways to stand, walk, getting out of a car etc., doing thorough preparation when required to undertake trips, take measures to effectively deal with a security attack on its occurrence, proficiency in operating safety provisions such as home alarm system, access control systems, fire control systems, armoured vehicles, firearms etc.

How do executive protection professionals perform the job?

An effective executive protection module is based on a thorough research and preparation. These professionals not only specialize in muscles and use of armaments but also best prepared to detect security risks prior to getting materialized.

An executive protection professional would get the necessary information about the executive that they need to protect. To get sufficient information, they prepare a questionnaire. Answers to this questionnaire equip them with the desired information about the executive. These questions are a part of their risk analysis procedure:

  • Assessing the impact of the executive to the corporation. It means if they got injured then how it will affect the organization. This will tell the protection professionals about the vulnerability of the executive to the security attacks.
  • Have they faced any security attack before?
  • How often do they travel to dangerous locations?
  • What are those types of crimes or dangerous activities that an executive is most vulnerable to?
  • Detailed information about their home, family’s habits, any kind of aversion towards organization, places or clubs.

These answers assist a security professional to know most of the things about the public and personal lifestyle of the executive. An executive has to provide full cooperation to them to help them accomplish their purpose in the best way.

Attributes that you should look for when hiring an EP Professional

There are certain qualities that need to be present in a good EP professional. These are:

  • Good military training and years of experience
  • Effective communication skills
  • Good writing skills
  • Better customer service
  • Good analytical, decision-making and judgment skills
  • Efficient driving skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Good mental and physical health
  • Proficiency in using firearms

Hiring the right security agency not just gives peace of mind to the employees but also creates a positive atmosphere in the company that encourages working freely. This ultimately leads to more productivity and peaceful working ambience. If you are an executive who wants protection or a company who wants to protect their executives, then hiring an executive protection professional is all you need to do.