Lakeview in New Orleans: The Comeback

Hurricane Katrina and the levee breaches that followed absolutely decimated Lakeview in New Orleans. However, Lakeview, perhaps more than any other neighborhood in the New Orleans, put forth an extremely robust rebuilding effort. This neighborhood has made a most incredible recovery since the storm. Lakeview always was a very family oriented neighborhood. Young professionals have flocked to the area to rear their children. The safety of the neighborhood coupled with the fact that it is in New Orleans make it one of the more thriving neighborhoods in the city.

Lakeview and Hurricane Katrina

Lakeview was one of the most spoken about areas of New Orleans during the massive press coverage provided from the hurricane. With a multitude of photos showing the devastation of the area, Lakeview became a household name and the keynote neighborhood referenced when the press referenced New Orleans homes affected by the massive storm. Because the Lakeview subdivision is located so close to the levee breach, it represented the defining point between the areas affected and not affected by the breach of the levee.

Since many of the homes in Lakeview were owned outright and were not required to have flood insurance by a lender, many Lakeview properties didn’t have flood insurance when tragedy struck. This had many homeowners in the area looking for other forms of financial assistance to assist in rebuilding. Once again, this put Lakeview in the forefront of conversations of “how to rebuild New Orleans”.

Lakeview Demographics

Lakeview in New Orleans is surrounded by bodies of water on three sides. On the northern boundary lies Lake Pontchartrain. The Orleans Avenue Canal is to the north and the 17th street canal is to the West. This is another draw to the neighborhood. Daily residents can be found boating on the lake, fishing right off the bank, or simply people watching on the concrete steps of Lake Pontchartrain. If it’s seafood you crave you can catch it yourself. Pull out your crab traps and shrimp nets and enjoy the bounty the water surrounding you has to offer.

Statistics from tell us that the majority of the people living in Lakeview are white collar professionals. More than 22 percent of male residents are employed in a management role. Almost another 20 percent are employed in sales or office occupations. Other business and financial occupations make up roughly 10 percent of the jobs males in the area hold. Women living in Lakeview are similar in the occupations they hold. Over 25 percent are employed in an office or sales capacity. Another 14 percent are employed in technical or healthcare occupations and another 10 percent make their living in some educational field.

How Katrina Affected Lakeview Real Estate

Hurricane Katrina changed Lakeview forever. Prior to the hurricane, Lakeview was a desirable area but many of the homes had not been updated in years. Because Lakeview was focused on by the media as the epicenter of the housing crises from the hurricane, real estate investors from all over the country flocked in to purchase the “flooded and gutted” homes in Lakeview. As a result, property values of Lakeview homes for sale shot up. In many instances, unlivable homes without walls were selling for more than they were in full living condition prior to the storm. Since many of the homes in Lakeview were quickly rebuilt by investors for a quick sale, Lakeview became one of the few areas that residents could move back to and real estate values increased substantially. With freshly redone homes on the market, Lakeview homes became a hot commodity. Today, real estate searches for “Lakeview Real Estate” rank among the top real estate searches in the country according to

New Orleans Amenities

Orleans Parish also enjoys one of the largest areas of green space in the country. Established in 1854 New Orleans City Park is yet another beautiful draw to the Lakeview neighborhood. It is one of the oldest urban parks in the country. After the Great Depression, President Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration was at the heart of City Park’s growth and development. Close to 20,000 out of work residents were given jobs to put up the roads and fountains, and Tad Gormley stadium. The many art pieces of City Park came from this era as well. City Park occupies 1300 acres, making it the 6th largest park in the country and almost twice the size of Central Park in New York. Some of the beautiful Live Oaks that are scattered throughout the park are estimated to be over 600 years old with one being almost 800 years old. Hurricane Katrina had a devastating effect killing off roughly 2000 of these majestic trees, but at least 5000 have been planted since then to take their place.

City Park in New Orleans is home to the famed Dueling Oak. This was the hotspot for gentleman to settle their scores via duels using pistols. It is located on Dueling Oaks Drive; and is situated between the Besthoff Sculpture Garden and the New Orleans Museum of Art. The brother in law of Governor William C.C. Claiborne, Micajah Green Lewis was killed here after being shot by former president of the state senate Bernard de Marigny. Dueling was banned in 1890; but while there may not be any more duels, City Park still remains a great source of inspiration and beauty for the residents of Lakeview and the many visitors that come to New Orleans each year.

Another New Orleans institution that had added flavor to the Lakeview area in recent years is Morning Call. In 2012 the New Orleans beignet machine opened a location inside the Casino building on Dreyfous Avenue. Originally established in 1870, Morning Call is also known for its rich café au lait, blended with chicory coffee. Cash is the only form of payment accepted. Of course, the residents of Lakeview are well aware so they will always have the cash on hand.

Lakeview Today

Lakeview in New Orleans is one of the finest neighborhoods New Orleans has to offer. Whether it is a young family looking to purchase a home in the city without being “in” the city, or you’re a college student looking for a rental; Lakeview has you covered. It is not known for its diversity, but it more than makes up for that with its roots and the determination of its residents to continue making it one of the safest, most family oriented of neighborhoods in the city of New Orleans.

The young people who are now flocking to Lakeview are simply continuing the traditions and lifestyle which generations before them came to know and love. Lakeview is a New Orleans mecca for hospitality and charm. The type that can only be found in the city called the Big Easy; the Crescent City, New Orleans.