Office 2007 Windows Process Groovemonitor.exe

Groovemonitor.exe remains within the system even upon un-installation of office 2007. This program runs upon booting up of the computer. Removal of this program has no major effect to the computer but one should not disable it unless it is faulty or infected. One should often run the performance scan to optimize the performance of the CPU as well as Internet settings. Other functions of this program include creation of processes on the computer’s disc and hooking of codes in all running processes.

Windows process Groovemonitor, becomes useless when it changes its usual C:Program Files location. In such situations, the program exists as a virus or an error that cause harm to the operating system. Using the file forum, one knows whether the program exists as a utility service, a virus or as an error. When one finds out that the program is faulty, they should disable it from the control panel.

Since this is a Microsoft product, malware authors design viruses and worms, which exist as the genuine groovemonitor.exe program. Such viruses occupy c:windowssystem32 folder. Since it does not occupy the destined location, the program exists as an error or virus. To check for such occurrences, one should open the task manager to check the location of the program.

In normal occasions, this program uses a lot of central processing unit space unnecessarily. To improve system’s performance, one should un-install this program. Apart from using the control panel, one can remove the program using PC pitstop. PC pitstop also removes other unnecessary processes from the computer thus enhancing maximum operation of the computer. PC pitstop enhances the computer’s performance via registry analysis, Internet optimization in addition to cleansing of junk folders and files. To optimize one’s computer, one should also run the scan analysis, which also improves the computer’s speed.