Party Ideas For Nightclub Promoters

Once you get going in your nightclub promoting job, you’re going to be throwing your own events. And when you throw your own events, you’re going to want to come up with your own themes or ideas for them. So here’s a list of some of my favorite party ideas for nightclub promoters. Check them out:

1. Angels and Demons themes — Basically anything playing off the good/evil idea. Girls can dress naughty or sweet and innocent, guys have an excuse to dress up a bit (even though they never do).

2. 80’s/90’s/70’s themes — Not for upscale places but always fun. The college crowds always LOVE these nights for some reason.

3. Day specific themes — For instance, a weekly theme for Mondays may be something like, “Mondays Suck” and then in the flyer you advertise to come drink it off with a 2-for-1 drink special or something like that. Wednesday you can do Hump day. Thursday is early weekend. Etc.

4. White parties — Always fun. Makes everyone look fancy. Best for the spring or summer.

5. After-parties / Pre-parties — Definitely have to check with venues to do these, but if you can schedule a weekly after party or pre-party somewhere, that can be a theme unto itself. Tell people to start the night off earlier or keep it going later.

Also, collaborating with local modeling agencies, local hip hop artists or local DJ’s can be a hit. Sometimes, if you get enough publicity you can even start selling tickets and jack up the prices.

A few more pointers:

– Don’t overdo the theme nights. Honestly, most people are going to ignore the theme. It’s more of a way to just brand your night. So don’t make the theme something ridiculous that takes a ton of effort for people to follow.

– Don’t do TOO many themes. I try to limit them to every few weeks or so and not do them on multiple nights in the same week.

– Avoid really slutty themes. This turns the ladies off and drives them away. And in the end, guys are paying to MEET GIRLS not sit there and watch them dance on the bar all night.

Hopefully this gives you some good party ideas for nightclub promoters. Let me know how they work out for you.