Remove Vista Security 2011 Permanently From PC to Safeguard the Files Present In the PC

Vista Security 2011 is a fake security program which claims to be a security program but actually it is responsible for corruption in the file system. This application changes the registry settings and corrupts the files and folders present in the PC. This application enters in the system through downloads or video files and spreads to the entire PC. It also generates pop ups and alert messages to annoy user and pressurize them to buy the product.

Signs and Symptoms of Vista Security 2011

  • This application hacks the internet homepage, and redirects it to the fake security website.
  • Once it enters in the PC, it displays fake alert messages. It shows the threat which actually does not exists in the PC.
  • This rogue application displays poor reports whenever gets scanned. It does not specify which file is infected or the type of the file.
  • It pressurizes the user to purchase this application by showing fake alert messages about the PC. It scares the user, and tells they need to use Vista Security 2011 to get rid from it. It generates fake alerts about the virus infection in the PC.
  • This application not only shows poor reports but also skips the important files of the system.

Remove Vista Security 2011 Through Manual Steps

  • You need to stop all the processes related to this application by pressing the keys Ctrl + Alt + Del button.
  • Edit the settings of the registry and delete the entries of Vista Security 2011.
  • Update the antivirus program.
  • Scan the entire system for viruses and remove them permanently from the PC.

These steps are complicated and difficult to establish, so if you don’t have technical knowledge then you should avoid these steps. As in case incorrect settings are done then it may affect the system adversely. Fortunately third party tools are available in the market which is capable to correct registry settings by itself. It effectively scans and detects for virus and removes them permanently from the system. To get detailed information on techniques of removing Vista Security 2011 visit the link below.