Runtime Error 226 – Learn How To Fix Runtime Error 226

You may receive Runtime error 226 on start up when you are running an application like Internet Explorer on your system.

Above mentioned error occurs on your system when there is insufficient memory, malware infection, damaged Windows files, broken software installation, damaged application file or corrupt Windows Registry.

Below are steps to fix runtime 226 error depending on the cause.

First thing to check is your RAM, if you feel insufficient memory is causing error 226 then you have to upgrade your system’s Random Access Memory (RAM).

You may install security software to protect your PC if you suspect that system is infected with malware. Malware infections not only slow down the PC but also known to cause many runtime errors including error 226.

In order to remove malware infections you should scan your system and if software detects malware programs then immediately remove them and reboot your machine to check if error 226 is fixed.

Also it important to run the System File Checker command-this utility initiates the Windows File Protection Service. It scans all protected Windows files and if any file is damaged, missing or there is version problem then it replaces it with correct one.

Below are the steps to run File Checker on your system:

a) Click on Start
b) Go to Run utility
c) Type sfc
d) Enter

Once done, download the latest Windows updates. In Windows XP and Vista you can enable built-in Automatic Update feature to automatically download the updates and install on your PC. A corrupt Windows Registry can cause runtime error 226. Registry is vital part of operating system where all hardware and software configuration is stored in form of keys. With the passage of time windows registry is exceeding its size.

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