Some Important Information About Immortality

Immortality is that state of file which lasts for eternity. This eternity can be for the physical body or the spiritual mind. This shows that immortality is never ending. It is also widely known as the denial of the mortal life span. This has been a topic of discussion ever since the start of history and has also, in the process, transformed into a subject of theoretical study.

Immortality is found widely in the history of literature and the Epic of Gilgamesh is one of first and foremost works of literature on mortality. The literary books have the basic story line of the protagonist going in search of immortality. With the study of immortality, there are many questions posed. In which form will the immortal person be living? If he lives for immortality, will his physical body be subject to aging and disability? Immortality also is related to the religion of the person seeking it.

The concept of immortality is just believed to exist on the face of the earth and many futile efforts have been made to attain and possess immortality. However, it is not yet confirmed whether immortality can be attained or not. This has been a topic of debate and argument for centuries together. The argument from the biological view point is that the human body is subject to death and will eventually be destroyed. The concept of mortality in the field of biology can be found only in the ‘starfish’. This immortality has been proven and has resulted in the outburst of its numbers. This has lead to the disturbance of the marine ecosystems to a certain extent.

The philosophical point of view says that every beginning has an end. Therefore, there is no such thing as immortality. If there is no mortality, then how will the process of rebirth take place? Also if the process of aging is absent then it would provide only ‘biological immortality’ but this does not prevent the person from vulnerability to death. And hence the debate regarding the existence of immortality is continuing.

There have been umpteen numbers of books written on immortality. It may be fiction or non-fiction; the works of literature are vast. Many people have even tried writing an immortality book but few have been successful.

However, when you want to know how to live forever, as yourself why! Everything on the face of the earth has to end. Then why is it that you want to go against the laws of the universe and the creation? There is one thing that we can be sure of. It is only the human body that is mortal but the soul remains immortal and has a never ending life cycle. This is because it is transferred from one mortal body to another. A way of living forever, as said by divine intellectuals, is by attaining deep spirituality and by bringing God into oneself.

Therefore, with the extensive research, debates and arguments, immortality is a subject which has remained an enigma to one and all.