The Top 10 Spyware and Adware Threats

Spyware and adware are very common and are actually thought to infect 90% of computers nowadays. This malware is designed to hide in your computers program files and annoy you with pop-up adverts and junk e-mail. They do pose a more serious threat and can steal personal information such as credit card details, passwords and bank details which can lead to a major case of identity theft for you if you’re not careful.

The following is a list of the top 10 spyware and adware threats:

1. PurtyScan: This form of malware is presented in a pop-up advert. It’s eye-catching to people as it claims to find existing pornographic content on your computer and then delete it. However once clicked on, you will be taken to a website with much more spyware and adware waiting to infiltrate your computer.

2. n-Case: This is a form of adware that enters your computer from downloading freeware online. It bombards the computer user with continuous pop-up ads.

3. Gator: Gator tracks your online browsing so that it can tailor itself to your likes. The computer user is flooded with banner ads attempting to catch your attention. This often ends up on computers through sharing files on Kazaa or other P2P programs or downloading freebies from random sites.

4. CoolWebSearch: This is a form of malware designed to hijack your Internet settings and then forward you to its own web page. However the webpage that it forwards you to is loaded with adware and spyware.

5. Transponder: Yet another piece of malware designed to track your internet usage and adapt the adverts it bombards you with to your interests.

6. ISTbar/Aupdate: This malware enters your computer by pretending to be a toolbar. It is actually a very embarrassing form of spyware. It continues to send a barrage of pop-up adverts displaying pornographic images to your computer. It is also capable of hijacking your Internet settings.

7. KeenValue: This is a form of adware. Its purpose is to monitor your online behaviour and track all the websites that you visit. It will collect your personal information through logging information that you fill out on forms online. Once it has done this it will bombard you with advertisements luring you to far more dangerous websites.

8. Internet Optimizer: This is, in a sense, a hacker as its goal is to take control over your computer and homepage. While taking control of any webpage you visit, it then will transport you to its own webpage which is loaded with tons more malware.

9. Perfect KeyLogger: This is a very harmful form of coding. It records everything you type on your computer and can communicate your most personal information back to its creator.

10. TIBS Dialer: This is most risky if you have a dial up connection. This nasty piece of software can hijack your phone modem and transfer you to pornographic websites.

So now that you’re aware of the top 10 spyware threats out there make sure you watch out for them and don’t get caught out.