The Vulnerability of Women and Men to HIV & AIDS

Socialization plays a vital role in educating men and women about the spread of HIV/AIDS. Gender stereotyping and power relations make women and men, girls and boys vulnerable to HIV/AIDS infection.

In Zimbabwe my culture socials men to believe that having many partners is not wrong and that it is part and parcel of manhood. It has been researched and analyzed that men at times are shy to condoms, citing a loss of manliness as a reason for not practicing safer sex. In Africa and around the world, men’s prowess and his ability to produce many children are still seen as a sign of strength. Hence the attempt to prove manhood has caused Africa men to die from HIV/AIDS in many numbers.

In Zimbabwe poverty which is becoming more and more deep-rooted, with large pool of children who have lost parents to AIDS moving into urban cities, young boys too engage in sex work increasing their risk of contracting HIV.

The vulnerability of women and girls is locked into their lack of equality in resources, opportunity and voice through out societies to condemn men’s practice that jeopardize their lives. Women and girls powerlessness expose them to immense risk of HIV infection. Empowering women and a girl child is essential for reducing the vulnerability of HIV infection.

Many women world wide still lack control over their bodies and do not have the right to decide freely and responsibly matters related to their own sexuality. Infected women in Zimbabwe endure further forms of discrimination and less care as this is devoted to caring for the man if both are affected.

Gender violence which is caused by the unequal power relations and family politics between men and women, boys and girls exposes women and girls to rape and sexual abuse, making them vulnerable to HIV infection.

Our societies need to be structure in such a way that both sex males and females have equal chances to stand and defend their rights. Fostering the rights of community members lead to a health society with health relationship. A health society can improve its life style and production can be boosted as most of the time will be spend working instead of attending to the patience.