Ultimate Wrath of the Lich King Death Knight Runeforging Guide – WOTLK Strategy & Leveling Guides

If there is a skill or an ability that is very specific to the use of these death knights, then this is what Death knight runeforging is all about. Since they are making use of runes, their worlds will now revolve with the use of which in every abilities that they use.

It is at times referred to as system of enchantment and death knights could have experience it right from the starting location wherein few online quests are revealed.


It is very similar to casting spells. When the death knight is near a runeforge area, the player needs to click a certain spell that is seen in the spell book. After which, the spell is chosen in order for the death knight to perform on his armor.

There are several spells o enchants that empower runeforging which can be added to the weapon of the death knight. They are the following:

1. Rune of Cinderglacier

This spell or enchant is added to the rune weapon of the death knight. On this event, the ability to cast damage in greatly increased up to 20 percent that will deal upon during the succeeding 2 attacks. Theses damages could be the Shadow or Frost damage.

2. Rune of Lichbane

The second Death knight runeforging enchant ads up an additional 2 percent on the extra weapon of the knight and allows having fire damage. If the dead knights target an undead, he gets to have a 4 percent increase.

3. Rune of Razorice

This rune forge spell fastens the frost damage ability of the weapon of the dead knight. Thus, there would be a great increase the vulnerability of the Frost power of the dead knight.

4. Rune of Spell Breaking

It decreases the span of the Silence effect of the death knight almost up to 50 percent. Aside from this, the spell damage to the opponent is also increased to 2 percent.

5. Rune of Spell Shattering

Its effect is completely similar to the rune of spell breaking.

The other three remaining runes are the rune of sword breaking, rune of the sword shattering, and the rune of the fallen crusader.

The Death knight runeforging necessitate a runforge before runes could be use up by a death knight. Common runforge that are being used are the Shadow Vault as well as the Ebon Hold. Find all these at the WOTLK strategy & leveling guides.