What Is Internet Spying?

Though it has been around for almost a decade, internet spying has been suddenly thrust into the spotlight due to the revelations of several media outlets that the US government is spying on internet users. Despite its popularity though, not a lot of people understand what this type of spying really is, what its implications are and what a trustworthy IT support can do for this situation. Here is a short recap of what this type of spying really is and what it means for local businessmen.

What Exactly Is Internet Spying?

In June 05, 2013, it has been revealed through The Guardian, a British newspaper, that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been collecting telephone calls from various phone companies legally through a court order. This softened the blow of the subsequent news which erupted in June 06, 2013 through the same newspaper that the NSA and Federal Bureau of Investigation have been keeping track of the online movements of internet users, hence the term “internet spying”. These movements include blog posts, emails or even simple comments. These government agencies claim that these movements are only accessed if a person is suspected of terrorism.

Internet Spying in a Private Home

Because of the fact that today’s society is more focused on the government’s participation in this type of spying, not a lot of people see that this type of spying can also be done by anyone, including parents and spouses. With the right type of software, parents can keep track of their kids’ online movements to ensure their kids’ safety and spouses use it on their partners.

Internet Spying in the Workplace

For business owners, internet spying can go both ways. By implementing office protocols that allow business owners to see the websites that their employees access, they can ensure that the resources of the company are being used in the right way. This allows entrepreneurs to see if their employees are browsing sites that have nothing to do with their job or if their employees are illegally sharing files to other companies.

This type of spying can also cause the downfall of the company if the spying is done by a third party in the hopes of finding information that they can steal in which this type of spying takes on a more popular name called “data breach”.

The Effects of Internet Spying in a Global Scale

The effects of data breach go beyond the borders of US. According to the study conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Symantec, US and German companies have had the most expensive data breaches in 2013. US companies lose $277 per stolen data while German companies $214. It was also found out that customers in French and Australian companies lose the most number of customers whenever a data breach is reported.

The Effects of Internet Spying in Your Business

By taking a look at the effects of this type of spying on a global scale, it is quite obvious that one of the most common effects of data breach is loss of customers. This is because through data breach, personally identifiable information (PII) such as credit card information can be stolen with ease. Customers who buy products online also want to ensure their privacy. Data breach can also result to downtimes and other problems which can hinder a business’s productivity. These problems is the reason why data breach can make companies lose an average of $613 000 to $32 million.

How to Prevent Internet Spying Without an IT Support

To avoid an income loss of this magnitude without an IT support, business owners should canvas for effective antivirus and anti-spyware programs which can block unwanted access. They should also apply office protocol which limits the file-sharing capabilities of employees to ensure that internet spying does not begin on the inside without compromising the productivity of employees. Business owners should always be on the lookout for any type of data breach in order to prevent the attack from getting worse. This can be done by constantly monitoring the digital footprints of employees to ensure that everything is on the right track.

The Most Efficient Way to Prevent Internet Spying

Doing all of these preventive and curative measures to avoid internet spying will eventually become too much for business owners who also have to worry about the overall well-being of their business. This is why it is more ideal to hire specialists who can provide 14/7 IT support. These people are especially trained to form incident management plans in which a protocol will be setup when an attack is about to happen and when attack has already happened. They can also setup effective internet protection without decreasing the productivity of employees. This is why they can effectively block any type of data breaches while helping business owners save a lot of money.