WiseFixer Review – Shocking Truth About WiseFixer Exposed

Are you wondering if you should use WiseFixer? Well, I have been wondering this question myself so I researched, purchased and tested this registry cleaner myself to find out if it is effective at speeding up my computer.

After a week of testing, I have compiled my findings into the following report.

WiseFixer is an award winning system performance tool created by FoxTH Software Technology. They have been certified and approved by the famous software website, CNET. This means that this program is 100% free from viruses, adware, spyware and malware.

After hours of research, what we discovered to be remarkable is that WiseFixer is one of the top registry cleaners with the lowest refund rate. Since its release back in February of 2011, WiseFixer had a record low return rate of 1.53%. This means that 98.5% of people that have used WiseFixer on their own computers have been satisfied with the program.

Now that I have reviewed the facts about WiseFixer, let me tell you what I discovered about this software after having purchased and tested this program on our test computers.

What I really liked about this program is that WiseFixer uses a high performance detection algorithm and intelligent TuneUp360 error knowledge base to identify and remove all damaged registry entries and errors that slow down your computer and make it lag.

There is no surprise that WiseFixer includes all the essential tools such as the System Optimizer, Disk Cleanup, Startup Manager, Backup/Restore and BHO Manager. All of these functions are necessary in order to restore your computer performance back to its original out-of-box state.

What I was impressed with was the fact that WiseFixer included some tools that I wished other softwares had, but never included. The tools additional tools that Wisefixer included are the File Joiner/Splitter, Active X Blocker, Shortcut Cleaner and Program Uninstaller. All of these extra tools included within WiseFixer usually require a separate download as they are non-essential to a registry cleaner software, however necessary if you want your computer in tip-top shape.

WiseFixer has a very simple and user friendly interface. All of the tools are properly labelled and hidden in plain sight, so even the most inexperienced computer user will have no trouble navigating and using this program.

Overall, WiseFixer is an excellent registry cleaner that is equipped with a very powerful scanner to remove all registry errors.

Although WiseFixer is an excellent registry cleaner, is this program the best choice for speeding up your computer? And how does it stack up against the top registry cleaners of the year?