100 Days Since You Passed

MYRIAD EMOTIONS. To experience loss is to experience a cosmic collision of emotions, raining down like shrapnel from the ether, pummeling our vulnerability.

Yet loss is so rich with a firework of rainbow array. It enriches every aspect of reality, even if some facets are overwhelmed. The Lord gives and takes away, yet, even in the taking away, there is a raft of experience given.

One hundred days since you passed,
And these feelings of unknowing,
They prevail; they last.
You’ve made such an impact,
On your mother and I,
On your sisters and family,
We look to the sky.
Isn’t it funny?
How time dims the pain,
With reality unchanging,
You can feel insane.
Vulnerable little fingers,
Unused little toes,
You’ll always be gorgeous,
The best heaven knows.
Though there is healing:
The knowledge of the Lord,
There is still the strange feeling:
Just how you’re adored!
Thankful to God,
For what we had,
No matter what we’ve lost,
No matter how sad.
Life runs on now,
Without you in our midst,
Only is your memory,
Within our fist.
We will go on,
Yet we’ll never forget,
Just how you changed us,
Just how you made us fret.
Our grief is our possession,
And we gladly take hold,
That which we prize,
Which can never be sold.
It makes us who we are,
And binds us close,
You are like glue,
You’ve made love stick most.
We cherished your body,
And held you long,
Even in those days,
You made us feel strong.
The days since don’t dampen,
What we feel for you,
For what you’ve given us,
We’ll ever clasp as true.
God gave you to us,
So we might see,
Just how transforming,
Loss can really be.
What you have taught us,
Is patently real,
Without you we’re better,
Because we can only but feel.
So show us afresh,
This God-held light,
Help us understand,
How to live by faith, not sight.
Take us in,
To your eternal abode,
When our time’s right,
To see God’s golden road.
We imagine our welcome,
As we enter heaven’s realm,
You there to meet us,
Holding our helm.
Ever we’ll be,
All back together,
Up there with God,
Light as a feather.
Oh what a thought,
Oh how we can wait,
Anticipating what’s ahead,
Because destiny’s never late.
So wait there sweet child,
Be as you are,
Be there at peace,
Even as a star.

© 2015 S. J. Wickham.