A Man’s Life Cycle

Life starts at the very moment when sperm and egg unites. It is a gift to us where nobody could explain the state of being perfect in every dimension of life consists.

Life is indeed a marvelous gift. It is something that is full of everything- bliss, love, hope, laughter, despair, sorrow, challenges and all that makes us keep on living.

Sometimes, you think life is so confusing when times caught you in hardships but still you strive to overcome the trials in a reason that you love the gift God has given you. You love the mystery in it and that is basically the purpose for you to continue to live- to search for the meaning of life. Now, let us take time to know the cycle.

First, the infancy stage. This is the stage where you are so dependent from your parents care, love and attention. Infancy speaks the innocence and vulnerability of being a child. And this is the time where you need the greatest response from your parents for you to grow as a good individual. Psychologically speaking, this is also the phase where your personality is being shaped up into a good man, otherwise you will becoming someone a mentally disturbed individual. And any developed actions or learning taken at this stage is belonging to the phase of babyhood.

Second, the toddler or early childhood stage. This is the moment where you start to claim independence in your own little way. You want to do some things on your own. Your way of playing also develops during this stage because this is where you extend your attention to other playmates unlike for the younger years which the mode of play is solitary. In short, socialization starts.

Third, the late childhood stage. This stage is also known as the elementary years. Here, your physical aspect is fast growing- the height, weight, and body proportions. The state of independence also increases thus; this stage is additionally known as “gang age” because your interest in peers increases. And speaking of interest- appearance, clothes, peers, etc. are also the particular things belonging at this certain range of age.

Fourth, the puberty stage. Children belonging at this are known as “pubescent children”. Though the stage of puberty differs in every individual but the main things still remain consistent like the thing about menarche for girls and nocturnal emissions for boys.

Your sense of sexual attraction also is very active during this time and the most common thing in here is having crushes or infatuations. And if you could just really think about stuffs happening in this area of your life, nothing can really beat the enjoyment and fun being acquired as to compare to other stages of a man’s life.

Fifth, the adolescence stage. This is particularly the transition age- from childhood to adult. You are neither a child nor an adult at this stage and that why your status is something ambiguous. And the ambiguity of such enables you to try out different things in life and you decide the patterns of behavior or principles you are going to draw in yourself to meet up your needs. This is also the time to search for your identity. So, you have to better know yourself, your preferences, likes and dislikes in order for you to proceed at your goal not having a problem of self identity.

Sixth, the adulthood stage. By this time, you are now an adult, responsible enough of your own choices and decisions. You are now mature and are already capable of money making to settle your own life. Time will come you have to build you own family and with this goal, this will encourage you to be determined to reach what is good and what is beneficial. Because people belonging at this stage are being assumed as professionals and are already have work, adulthood stage is also a time for achievement. Moreover, according to Erik Erikson at his psychosocial stages of development, adulthood stage is having either generativity versus stagnation, where generativity means to generate or produce while stagnation simply means to stagnate. And this is where the idea comes out that successful people become more successful or people living in simple way of contentment remains at it.

Lastly, the old age stage. Usually a lot of changes are present at this age- physical, mental, emotional, and social. This is also commonly known as the retiring age. Huge adjustments definitely marked during this phase where mixed emotions and feeling are overflowing within you. During this time, your level of emotion greatly varies than in your younger ages. You are now being less responsive unlike when you are still young, your mind is much active to response in any stimulus/stimuli. I think the best way to have when you reach at this age is simply to have contentment in everything what you had accomplished and be happy. And it is also best to strengthen your faith to the One which you have faith in because His words during this stage are the only way to sooth your life making it comfortable to live each passing day.