4G Wireless – The Magic Wand

“Some men and women see things as they are and say why; I dream things that never were and say why not?” -said George Bernard Shaw.

A few years from now the whole world would be wirelessly wired with a number of satellites. Instead of re-tracing the itinerary of developed countries, developing countries would leapfrog to the most modern technology and go wireless. In case poor in the world will also get the power of cheap wireless technologies including toll-free numbers to talk to their Governments and command tools of economic development like bank loans, roads, schools and hospitals. Wireless freedom would raise millions of entrepreneurs, The problems faced by micro-entrepreneurs of the vulnerability to access the bigger public market and its market information would be surmount, proficient channels to get to worldwide consumers will open. Farmers and fishermen can discover markets and put forth wherever they can get the best value for their produce. This will spawn a considerable opportunity for the working poor to rise from poverty.

Going wireless in the rural segment will be that Communication will spruce down rural-to-urban migration by providing for better employment and livelihood in rural areas through small business and micro enterprise improvement. Micro-entrepreneurs can twirl their mobiles into income generating devices, by effortlessly listing their product information to large online markets without a need of computers, the technological and social-economic gaps created by the “digital divide will peter out.

It would enable instantaneous access to assistance during civil emergencies and natural disasters thereby saving thousands of lives. Wireless Communication will perk up access to health extension services in the most remote corners of the World. Telemedicine services, including remote diagnosis and treatment advice and increasing access to up-to-date market and price information would become a norm. Wireless Communication will to a great extent reduce the opportunity cost of transactions for farmers and rural-based traders, it will aid education services including distance learning and would improve Accountability, transparency, and efficiency of a range of government operations through information systems developed in rural areas helping millions to advance in life. Hope is, by so doing, it will elevate the standard of living throughout the World.

4G Wireless

4th Generation Wireless Standard is getting evolved. Once implemented it would change the way we live our lives. 4G Wireless mobiles would be petite enough to fit in a palm and light in mass like a pen and the gadget would apart from being a mobile phone with data transfer speeds of more than 100Mps, deliver a complete surround-sound home theater experience, download a complete high-definition movie, have a micro-projector that could show the movie on any flat surface, a digital movie can be seen on it with effects delivering apparently a 3D experience.

Each and every content can be downloaded wirelessly purge need to Buy Newspapers and Magazines. The device can be used for making purchases (charges go to the mobile instead of the credit card); and it could be used for many other activities where cash is required. A sales clerk could ask, whether to charge the card or the mobile. The mobile would become our ears and eyes and would be so “intelligent” and “prescient” that it would not only alert us to the next big sale or the best price for the number one car model, but also caution us how stale the fish is or warn us about the gunman skulk in the darkness or the landslide ahead.

These mobiles can be used for daily life activities, such as to control various home devices like AC’s, Rice Cookers, Refrigerators etc as well as will be used for Work with customized features depending on the users requirements, Nursing and Health care will change dramatically, Doctors will be able to remotely perform routine checks of patients from the wearable mobiles in real time or react immediately in case of an emergency. A doctor can give first aid directives by seeing the patient on screen.

Medical Data can be transmitted instantaneously to an ambulance or a hospital. A person can be sited exactly from the mobile he is carrying. These mobiles can also be used in catastrophe management by enabling transmission of real time data of disaster-stricken areas, giving Humans freedom from Time, Space and User Feature. The cost of this mobile and its communications abilities will be so low that the world’s poorest people will rush to clinch the technology because of its apparent benefits.

4G Wireless Research.

Research on 4G Wireless has been going on for the last few years. These networks promise a much higher overall data throughput and much more diverse services than what current second and third (2G-3G) networks can do . All-IP wireless has emerged as the most favored platform for 4G wireless networks. The blueprint of future wireless networking architecture has to take into account the fact that foremost load in 4G wireless networks will be high-speed, content-rich, burst-type traffic, which has previously posed a great challenge to all existing wireless networking
Technologies used in existing networks. Many research activities are researching the design of suitable architectures for 4G wireless networks, which are proficient, adaptive, flexible and scalable, that work harmonically with different network technologies (including legacy 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks) and allow heterogeneous networking applications. Research is on to look into how to realize smooth migration and seamless interoperability between the legacy networks and future 4G wireless networks.

4G Architecture.

It has been recommended that the architecture of 4G wireless networks should efficiently address all the constraints and tribulations existing in the current wireless networking technologies. The research on the next generation wireless networking involves many cutting edge research topics, such as cross-layer joint optimization design, quality of service assurance, dynamic network recourse allocation, ad hoc/mesh network routing algorithms, heterogeneous networking, cooperative Network detection, vertical/horizontal network services integration,. state-of-the-art research is being carried on subjects like: 4G network planning * Network resource allocation and assignment * Fault tolerance and service availability * 4G Killer Applications * 4G networking standardization.

The 4G Wireless Design Forum

The 4G Design Forum has tried to implement various features deemed necessary for 4G Systems as raised by various potential users during the course of deliberations. A consensus has been reached by 4G forum to address

(1)Education, Art and Science-oMany consumers appreciated the convenience of being able to attain a wide range of information devoid of any constraints of location. Numerous had an impression that knowledge and information equivalent to those provided by school classes can be attained through mobile communications.

(2)Entertainment oLarge number of consumers wanted to be able to watch movies anywhere using their spare time. Its “omnipresent nature” (able to enjoy service anytime, anywhere) and “private nature” (realizing a wide range of entertainment services on individual terminals) were well accepted.

(3)Business -oConsumers evaluated the elimination of the need to cart around bulky paper information.

(4)Visual Communications-oMany recognized the necessity of the service–especially to show videos of themselves to relatives living far away in real time.

(5)Work-oMany cherished the convenience of being able to realize a mobile phone, commuter pass, wallet, and keys, which are carried separately today, in a single terminal

(6)Mobile EC -oMany acknowledged high valuation for the reason that of the convenience of being able to make purchases from mobile terminals and also owing to the prospects of crafting a new businesses. It was seen so striking that some voiced apprehension of shopping too much from a mobile handset.

(7)Daily Life -oRegarded as a very convenient usage image. Many wanted this to be realized with sufficient level of security through retinal authentication, etc.

(8)Nursing and Health Care-oMany shared a sagacity of relief for being able to corroborate the health conditions of elderly relatives from a remote place.

(9)Emergency Medical Treatment-oMany felt it necessary to be able to promptly grasp the state of the site and the condition of injured person in case of an emergency, or access medical record information.

(10)Use in Disasters- Many considered it necessary to be able to make contacts to confirm the safety of others and obtain information regarding evacuation routes in the event of a disaster.

4G Wireless Platforms.

The reference model of a 4G Wireless platform consists of

· The Mobile terminal,

· 4G mobile communications system infrastructure, and

· Service platform.

The Mobile terminal.

It performs multi-link communications with the 4G system and other system infrastructures. When a system infrastructure is not available within reach of communications, multi-hop communications is performed. The mobile terminal is equipped with various interfaces, for example, for electronic-paper browsing among others, as well as assistance functions including voice/image/character recognition. In addition, ts security, authentication, and authorization functions are reinforcedwith biometric sensors and copyright IDs. With the mobile terminal reconfigurability feature, users are able to download and execute heterogeneous programs or customize their handsets. The large number of functional requirements on the mobile terminals and connected devices is a distinctive characteristic of future mobile terminals.

4G-system infrastructure

The 4G-system infrastructure realizes high-speed, large-volume transmission and high-quality multimedia transmission. The system also has a QoS notification function between layers to coordinate QoS between layers. The model domains on the vision for future systems are: Service & Application, Service Support Platform on Packet based Core Network, New Radio Access, Moving network support capability, New mobile access capability, New nomadic wireless access (NWA) capability and Supports interconnection between New radio access, 2G/3G cellular systems, WLAN, Digital broadcasting, Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC), etc. and can be able to configure ad hoc networks via terminals

The Service Platform

It consists of numerous servers and agents. Provides navigation function based on position information systems, controls user authority and manages/collates personal information through biometric authentication. The service platform is connected with distributed database systems or high-quality content servers, to control access authority using authentication servers, and deliver video or music content catered to users’ preference or terminal capability from content servers using an agent. It is also connected with social/disaster prevention systems. In the event of a disaster, a extremely steadfast network is configured to make available multicast communications. Automatic broadcast of emergency condition linked with biometric sensors of terminals will also be realized.

Various other studies are also be facilitated, including the improvements of the reference models drafted for the service platform and system infrastructure, in a bid to contribute to the development of 4G mobile systems and fulfill the quest of being footloose and mobile in to a next age of Communication Systems.


World Over the research on 4G (Fourth Generation) Mobile Communications is in progress, the technology is going to be Implemented World Wide in 2010.The technology is still in evolution but Countries have already started committing themselves to its implementation. India has said that it would leapfrog from 2G to 4G bypassing the 3G Technology. China, Korea and Japan are jointly developing 4G Phones; China will implement 4G technologies for the Beijing Olympic games in 2008. The World is looking up to 4G for transformation of the way people live day-to-day.
About a billion SMS sent around the world would create a multi-million dollar industry in itself. These are the dreams, which can be implemented with ease.4G Wireless will Integrate civilizations as never before. It will transform lives of all human beings into a more Enriched and Cultured life, more flexible and diversified life, more Comfortable and safer life, more Personal and Convenient Life.