A Year of Haiku – Fractal Kitty

In 2021 I published a set of haiku every 19 days. I found myself grow as a poet and a strength in pairing my thoughts with photography and art. Below are the friend links (no paywall) to my 2021 year of haiku. Enjoy!

1 – clouds splash at my feet

2- whispering of blue

3- you lay cleft at dawn

4- see the underneath

5- bring brown creepers to focus

6- my soul blows kisses

7- at the ocean’s edge

8- in a cloud of sleep

9- with grains of pollen

10- pulchritudinous

11- in my coffee cup

12- in a silent mind

13- completing a proof

14- and serious fun

15- is a bounty breathed

16- a light before dark

17- clay, and ev’rything

18- of aether and light

19- cobbles at high tide

Additional poem:

I See Her Talking to the Crows