Buy Bitdefender Security Products and Get These Features, Tools, and Benefits

If you’re looking for award winning security software for your computer and/or smartphone, it’s a good idea to buy Bitdefender. It wins awards every year by independent labs such as AV-Comparatives. There is a wide range of products for homes and businesses, including a free version. Paid versions include Bitdefender Antivirus (full), Internet Security, and Total Security. There is also a BOX, which is designed to be a cybersecurity hub for all of your smart home products. Since hackers these days can break into anything that connects to the internet, you need to keep all of your smart products safe.

In addition to offering a variety of products, Bitdefender also offers different pricing and subscription options. For instance, you can purchase one-year protection for up to 5 devices, 10 devices for two years, three devices for three years, or a combination of any of these. There are almost always discount offers available when you buy Bitdefender.

Users can always expect complete real-time data protection, as this is the most efficient anti-virus and anti-malware solution available today. It works against all threats, from viruses, ransomware, rootkits, worms, spyware, and so forth. Your privacy and data is kept safe. Bitdefender sniffs out and blocks websites that try to masquerade as trustworthy in order to protect you from phishing attempts.

There is a Rescue Mode that detects problems such as rootkits and reboots the PC in Rescue Mode to clean-up and restore the computer. If you want to buy Bitdefender (2019 version), you’ll be glad to know that the multi-layer ransomware protection is improved. It includes a data-protection layer for safeguarding your photos, documents, music, and videos against any type of ransomware attack. It works together with the Advanced Threat Defense module.

Performance Considerations When You Buy Bitdefender Protection

There are also plenty of performance and privacy features. Which of these you receive depends on which version of Bitdefender you want to buy. Internet Security and Total Security obviously come with more comprehensive protection than the Antivirus, although if you are a regular home user, you might not need all of the additional features.

All versions, including Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, come with VPN. With virtual private network access, you won’t have to worry about privacy and anonymity on the web. Your online presence will be protected, as all internet traffic is encrypted.

Additional benefits users get when they buy Bitdefender is security updates 24/7 and direct access to the support team. It’s very easy to get quality assistance when you need it. The software updates itself automatically to ensure that you are protected from all new threats.

Of course, the very first thing you’ll want to do is look for coupons and promo codes to buy Bitdefender at an affordable price. These security products and solutions offer a lot of value for the price. Regardless of which subscription plan is right for you, you can expect a good deal.