Materialistic Attachments and Spiritual Freedom

Foot prints on sand and mind are worth reflecting in solitude to comprehend reality. It will open new vistas of hidden meaning and concept exposing a character of human beings. Their personalities are either distinct and clear or camouflaged and deceptive. The volatility and stability are directly proportional to its myopic approach or implementing their duties diligently. There are varying opinions and interpretations in support or against the fundamental concept of freedom. Therefore, it is obligatory on every individual and family to seriously prod-over the facts and factuality. The analysis should be subjective and objective in a healthy way rather than malicious.

There is another aspect, which needs cautious and careful approach to determine that the subject is not altered from it intended motive. At this juncture, individually and collectively we come at a cross-road of diversion of materialistic attachment and spiritual freedom. We need to make a firm decision in which direction we should take the first step to achieve success and satisfaction. I think it is appropriate to analyze what is the relationship between spiritual and materialistic is all about. Relationship is defined as the state of being related or interrelated. The definition is expansive in its meaning and concept. It varies from commercial, social, political, cultural and personal, etc. I am strictly restricting my views to the spiritual and materialistic aspects within and outside the bonds of the abstract and reality.

The laws and regulations are tools to achieve piousness and accountability too. The aims and objectives have been defined distinctly and comprehensively. I am not starting a debate between inter faiths and their concept and role within their doctrine. Whatever be the faith and doctrine; it teaches to be a good human being. It means that relationship defines values as its core concept and preaches to attain spiritual freedom. Why it is emphasized because of our attachments to materialistic means and values?

Materialistic attachments played a dominant role in human life beside it also makes vulnerable to reality. The worldly love distracts human being and makes him volatile in their thinking and disposition. Here, the possession needs not to be of phenomenal in nature. Even insignificant value can also make a dent in his thinking. Aristotle says, “It is of the nature of desire not to be satisfied, and most men live only for the gratification of it.” This evidently established that man has become the victim of his materialistic possession. It means he has shackled to worldly possession hence neglecting his prime responsibility to understand spiritual reality of life.

The best of life is to attain spiritual freedom. The most profound and ingrained in humanity is the universal statement that Imam Hussain Ibne Ali made in Karbala (Iraq 1400 years ago). In the last moment, prior to his brutal assassination, he called Yazid’s army and said, “Oh! The friends (Arabic-Shiite) of Abusufyaan, if you think that you are not going to return to Allah and not going to be accounted for your deeds, at least be a free person.” Here he meant spiritual freedom. He is also known as “Father of Freedom” (Arabic Version-Abu Ahraar).

If we remained shackled down to materialistic attachments, then all good advice goes in vain. Thus spiritual freedom is that every human wants to aspire. It means he needs to think beyond worldly attachments. If you fail to detach from materialistic possessions, subsequently the mind gets defocused. It then drifts in the wilderness of greed and lust thereby, jeopardizing human values and dignity.