The Ph.D. Glut is Unhealthy for america

It is a followup to my earlier article The Arithmetic of the Ph.D. Glut. To recap, sure there’s a Ph.D. ...
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Confessions of a Luddite mathematician. – Math with Bad Drawings

This summer I’ll be completing an M.S. in Data Analytics. Yet it’s weird to think of myself as someone with ...
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A Hundred Thousand Billion Poems – Math with Bad Drawings

It’s the 60th anniversary of one of my favorite books. Or non-books, as the case may be. In 1961, Raymond ...
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NHL, Please Fix Your Standings – Math with Bad Drawings

Dear National Hockey League, I have been a hockey fan since childhood. The NHL playoffs are my favorite thing on ...
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A book of deep, easy-to-play mathematical games (and why they matter). – Math with Bad Drawings

I’ve been thinking a lot about games lately. Well… if “thinking” is the right word for this. But it’s not ...
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What makes a great puzzle? Five books, five answers. – Math with Bad Drawings

In writing my new book about games (which is, by the way, available to U.S. customers as a signed copy ...
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A theory of trios. – Math with Bad Drawings

Working on my book Math Games with Bad Drawings (by the way, for U.S. readers, two days left to preorder ...
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