An Example of Teaching THROUGH problem solving? – Thinking Mathematically

Many math resources attempt to share the difference between teaching FOR problem solving and teaching THROUGH problem solving. Cathy Seeley ...
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One-Hole Punch Puzzle Templates – Thinking Mathematically

Recently Lowrie et al. published an article in the Journal of Experimental Education where they looked at the effects of ...
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Taking an Equity Stance in Math Class – Thinking Mathematically

Ask any teacher anywhere what some of the most pressing challenges are that they face as a teacher and likely ...
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Skyscraper Puzzles – printable package – Thinking Mathematically

An area of mathematics I wish more students had opportunities to explore is spatial/visualization. There are many studies that show ...
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How Not to Start Math Class in the Fall – 2020 – Thinking Mathematically

A few years ago Tracy Zager wrote a wonderful article called “How Not to Start Math Class in the Fall” ...
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Math Games – building a foundation for mathematical reasoning – Thinking Mathematically

In 2001, the National Research Council, in their report Adding it up: Helping children learn mathematics, sought to address a ...
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“Number Boxes” – Thinking Mathematically

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Jenna Laib‘s game “Number Boxes” and was very interested in using it ...
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Whose problems? Whose game? Whose puzzle? – Thinking Mathematically

TRU Math (Teaching for Robust Understanding) a few years ago shared their thoughts about what makes for a “Powerful Classroom”. ...
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Central Tendencies Puzzles – Thinking Mathematically

Central Tendency Puzzle templates for you to check out. I’d love to hear some feedback on these. Data management is ...
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What Makes Math Interesting Anyway? – Thinking Mathematically

What does it mean to be “creative” in math?What makes math interesting anyway? Questions I think we all need to ...
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